When you look at the above picture what can you tell? You can tell that we are black, girls, and a certain age. By our hair and shoes, you can tell that we have different styles and more than likely, it will take three different brand messages to attract each one of us to your tax firm. Many times tax business owners think that the same message will draw everyone. In reality, your message is drawing a particilar type of client. If you want to change the type of clients you are attracting, then you must change your brand message. Before you change your message, it´s important to understand who you are targeting.

In order to start or grow a successful tax firm, it is important that you understand your client. Everybody is not the same and everyone does not require the same type of service. This is why you must conduct a research based upon demographics and location of your tax firm.

Demographics means that you can search a specific zip code, city, or state to determine the age, gender, education, income level, residence or occupation of a certain sector of people. If you are targeting individuals who will be within a 15 mile radius, you need to know the demographics of the people within that area so you can create marketing products that will attract them. Oftentimes, tax business owners create marketing material without understanding who they are targeting. New tax business owners say I just want to prepare taxes for everybody. Your tax firm is not universe. Based upon your company´s visual brand will determine the type of clients that you will attract. Do your research so you can create marketing material that will attract the type of clients that you want to work with.

Below you will find the demographic information at these location:


university business department

local department of commerce

chambers of commerce

census bureau

small business institutes

utility companies

local and regional planning commissions


Don't try to design your company's message until you understand who you are targeting.


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