5 tips every entrepreneur need to know to survive in business

  1. Make your offerings slightly different from your competitors. The products that you offer your clients maybe the same as the business down the street from you, but you can make your deliverable different. Maybe it's the way you greet your clients, answer the phone, package your product, or your followup procedure. If you are going to stand out in a saturated market, you must provide something different and know what it is. When you know what makes your business different from your competitors, then you can use it as part of your marketing as well. Knowing and understanding your difference is defined as your brand.

  2. Bundle your services (products). Clients like to get more for their bucks. What can you put together in order for your clients to get more and for you to make more. You can package a high price item with a low price item. For example, if you have written a book, you may want to bundle it with a mini course or with a t-shirt, or with something as simple as an ink pen. Clients like to feel as if they are getting a great deal.

  3. Become the expert in your industry. In order to become an expert in your industry, build your credibility. Credibility can be built by writing a book, receiving recognition from someone who is influential in your same industry, getting a certificate, or going back to school; and pair that with consistence. The world wants to know you for that one thing and work on being consist with your message and offerings.

  4. Think like a consumer. Put your feet in your clients' shoes. If you were buying from yourself, what would you like to experience in your business? What do you want the experience to be like when others shop with you? Don't think about your needs as a business owner, think about your business from a consumer stand point. Walk yourself through your own process to make sure there isn't any missing loops.

  5. Don't be afraid to be different. God has placed something in all of us that makes us different from the next person. Once you discover what that is - you will tap into your ability to get wealth. Oftentimes, when we are insecure in ourselves and unaware of our potential, we try to be like everybody else. But once, you discover who you are, then you will realize your truest potential.


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